What offshore outsourcing means in web design and development

New Concepts Web Design and Development

A website generally consists of images and texts. The Index or Home page is the first page that you will find on a website. Some sites use a Splash Page which includes a great welcome message, region or language selection or a disclaimer. Every web page in the website is essentially an HTML file and has its URL.

When all the web pages are created, they are linked together by use of a navigation menu that comprises of hyperlinks. The need for faster browsing speeds has minimized the attention to spans and Splash Pages is less used nowadays, especially when it comes to commercial websites. It is common for website owners and web- developers to turn their websites into income sources. A web business can be created in several methods, which are generally categorized into two:

  1. Content based websites

There are some websites which yield revenue by simply selling an advertising space on their website.

  1. Product/ service bases websites

Other websites derive their revenue by selling products/ services on the site. Where e-commerce websites are concerned, these products/ services must be actually purchased on the website.

Exactly what defines a successful website design?


As a website owner, you must ensure that your site’s content is clear, simple and crisp for visitors to be able to access the information they need regarding what you are offering easily. Effective and simple content is capable of generating more business for your and boosting the website’s search ranking on search engines.


Selecting a good theme can enhance the success of a web design. Attractive themes make websites eye catching and must be user friendly and simple. Offer useful theme templates for effective content presentation, links and illustrations.


It is essential that navigation is not confusing. Links must be arranged properly on the website and presented in a way that they are related to your selected theme. The visitor must find navigating your website to be transparent to help them access the information in a better way.

A couple of years ago, web designing services mainly comprised of some web design coding as well as search engine marketing and nothing more. Web designing services have changed greatly today and now include more services. Web designers now offer complete web solutions and since people have no resources and time to spend in creating websites, they simply look for a one stop provider of all their queries.

A complete web solution comprises various services such as:

  • Web programming, designing and development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Usability and interface designing
  • Flash animation
  • Interactive applications
  • High end web solutions
  • Online forms and database integration
  • Logos
  • Designing solutions
  • Banner ads
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • 3D graphics
  • Special effects
  • Graphic designing
  • Maintenance

These serves should be outsourced from a well established and experienced web design and development company. You can use search engines such as Google to find the best companies providing these services.