T-shirt Printing – How To Do It Yourself

If you’re considering to get T-shirt Printing for your project your are pursuing, there are few things you must think about before you start working on it. This post will explain your options how you can do it yourself and get custom printed T-shirts for your projects.

A major factor is what color of shirts should you use for the T-shirt Printing? There aren’t any main issues while you print on white T-shirts.

Although, while you’re doing custom printed t-shirts with light colored shirts keep in mind that there aren’t any white ink in the printer therefoe if you have an image with three person who are wearing white t-shirts and there’re white clouds above then each of the white areas in the picture will be the same color as your t-shirt. If you use light blue t-shirts in that case the t-shirts on the persons in yoru image and the clouds will be light blue.

Another aspect to think about while printing on light colored t-shirts is the ink of your printer would to some extent blend with your t-shirt’s color. Some times ago I printed light blue ink onto a bright yello shirt. Those areas became greenish. It is like when we’re child and would mix red with yellow crayons to make orange. This only happen with light ink colors on bright light colored t-shirts. The shading isn’t usually major but it is one thing to be careful about. Dark ink colors do not have this issue.

The t-shirt transfer paper you will buy will be for light or white color T-shirt Printing. If you need to print on any dark color or black t-shirt you will need to have t-shirt transfer paper which is specially made to be printed on dark colors.

Printing the transfers could be done using an inkjet or laser printe. However, prior to prinitng your picture you should flip the picture to reverse it therefore while it gets printed it will look proper. Using some software this can be easily done as they’ve a “mirror” or “flip” setting. Using softwares like Word it is usually somewhat difficult. To confirm that you’ve correctly flipped the picture, print a copy and place it right ahead of a mirror. This is how it will appear on the t-shirt.

You must make sure to set the printer to the right kind of paper. Normally, you will set it to card or heavy stock.

To have the best appreance you want to trim around the edge of the picture which is not used. Such as: if you have an image of the globe and “Save the Planet” in writing right underneath it, you will trim around the outer surface of all of the printing. Sometimes with t-shirt transfers there will be a yellowish hue surrounding the printing. This happens by the coating of the transfer paper that places the ink onto the shirt.

A good t-shirt printer should trim away these excesses but what is more important is that it will have a t-shirt/printer transfer combination which when the t-shirt gets printed the unprinted portions are effectively transparent and do not show this problem.

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