Various Types of Business Keyphone System

There are three major types of phone system whose choice depends on some extensions and the features your telephone requires. They are the KSU-Less system, Private Branch Exchange system and the Key Phone System

The KSU-Less system

This kind of phone system is suited for companies with less than ten employees or those that need less than ten extensions. It does not necessary mean that companies who need less than ten extensions can only use the KSU-less system. You may need fewer phones with features that are only available in key phone system or the PBX.

Unlike other phone systems, the KSU-less system is specifically designed to include features that are only available through the implementation of an entire small business phone system. They can be relocated and unplugged since they are not wired permanently in an office. The portability factor allows you to treat the phone system as any other type of machine, which doesn’t have a permanent value. (more…)

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